Embroidery — A Trending Design Method in the Fashion Industry

Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric with a needle using either a thread or yarn. The materials used to create embroidered garments include beads, pearls, sequins, and quills. One of the reasons this technique has taken the fashion industry by storm, including our very own NY fashion industry, is due to its ability to breathe life into clothes and give them a personality.

The Different Types of Embroidered Apparel

Garment manufacturers need to understand the types of embroidered apparel that exist in today’s market and seek inspiration from them to create their own designs using our patented domestic beading and embroidery service.

Garment manufacturers can take a simple piece of embroidered clothing such as t-shirt or blouse and add beading, pearls, and sequins to it. You can use embroidery in two different ways — to make an outfit fun and festive by adding lots of embroidery to it or add little embroidery to it to keeps things casual and simple.

Festive Style Embroidery

An example of festive style embroidery uses a white shirt with embroidery on one sleeve of the shirt and on the tip of the shoulder on the other sleeve. Here, you have an asymmetrical design. You can add embroidery on the back pocket of jeans or in the front of the jeans near the front pockets.

Casual Style Embroidery

An example of casual style embroidery is a light blue t-shirt with small floral embroidery on the front, spaced out from each other. The same floral design and pattern can be on a dress and skirt as well. It all depends on the type of theme or collection the designer wants to create.

However, it is not just NY garment manufacturers who have adopted the embroidery trend, but our very own, the NY fashion industry have also embraced it, as seen on the runways.

A Look at the New York Fashion Industry

For designers, the start of the New York Fashion Week is an exciting time, as that serves as their inspiration for their designs. We’ll look at the New York Fashion Week Fall 2018 where one of the designers created a gorgeous embroidered ball gown, exuding elegance and sophistication.

The credit for this spectacular ball gown goes to Brandon Maxwell with model Gigi Hadid doing the honors of wearing it. The designer paired the ball gown with a hoodie.However, embroidery really stole the show at the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018. Marchesa showcased their extravagant gowns and party dresses, adorned with 3D embroidery and bugle beading.

Michael Kors impressed us with his evening looks, one which included a graceful black dress with sequin embroidery. And designer Badgley Mischka wasn’t far behind, unveiling bathing suits with flowers and ruffles and a high low chiffon cocktail of embroidered gauze with a sparkling series of sequin columns and floral bodice.

USA garment manufacturers who want to add embroidery to their design can place their trust in us. You don’t need to ship your designs elsewhere, but send them to us with your requirements.