Ideas for Embellishing Partywear

Have you ever wondered why you tend to like some outfits more than the others? If you have, you might already know the importance of embellishments in revamping the visual appeal of an outfit. It is important to remember, however, that the same kind of decorations can also turn your dress into a fashion disaster if you don’t use them smartly. In this article, we outline the importance of embellishing party dresses and list some brilliant ideas for decorating party outfits!

Why Embellish Partywear? 

  • To Upgrade the Overall Appearance – Embellishments can make inexpensive partywear look like it’s bought right out of the premium store shelves. So, if you have a low budget, you may consider investing in a well-stitched simple dress and then decorate it with your favorite ornaments. 
  • To Transform the Dress Appeal – With customized embellishments, such as those by Faraj Beading, you can make an unattractive piece of clothing transform into something that suits your taste. A trim here and neckline detail there can make your partywear look just as trendy as you want it to be. 
  • To Make a Dress Appropriate for an Occasion – Embellishments are a great means of making your dresses look suitable for different events. Party dresses can be embellished to fit the theme of the party. Have a formal party? Add minimal but high-quality embellishments. Have a fancy-dress party? Fill your dress with glitter and sequins! 

Ideas for Party Dress Embellishments

There are multiple decoration materials available in the market. But it can be hard to figure out how to use them to style or design your dress. Here’s a list of some quick and easy to follow ideas to make your party outfit look gorgeous. 

  • Use Crystals – These embellishment materials add an extravagant touch to dresses. Glue crystals to the border of your shirt, ends of a collar, or edges of your cuffs. 
  • Stitch embroidered edges to the hem – These are ready-to-stitch laces that give a finishing touch to dull party outfits. Use a matching colored thread to sew them at the corners of your dress or in delicate patterns. 
  • Recycle old jewelry like necklaces and stitch them on the neckline – This is one of the oldest ideas in the book that never gets old. Some earrings also make beautiful buttons. 
  • Add a ready-made embellished collar–You can purchase embellished collars from Faraj Beading, who can design them exactly according to your needs using their highly popular embellishing techniques. These collars can then be directly sewn on your party dress. 
  • Use iron-on Rhinestone patches – A variety of Rhinestone designs can be found in the market. Buy the iron-on patches and stick them on the waist area to give your party outfit a classy look. 
  • Add sequins on sleeves – Your sleeveless dress will be unrecognizable when you add sleeves in it. And what better way to embellish it using a fabric made of sequins!