DIY Dress Embellishments

If you think that keeping up with fashion trends necessitates you to fill up your wardrobe with new clothes, read this post to learn why you are wrong. Whether it is your mother’s beautiful prom dress or your favorite old top that you don’t want to throw away, DIY embellishment techniques can help you transform any dress! 

Did you know that DIY dress embellishments give you a large scope to personalize your clothing item? DIY embellishments have emerged as a trend on their own. And if you are ready to jump on this bandwagon, here are some things that you must consider to get stunning results. 

Match the DIY Embellishments to the Details on the Dress

When it’s your first time decorating a dress, you will be excited to try out unique designs – and we encourage that you do! But remember that when the DIY embellishments clash with the existing details on your dress, they can easily mess up the entire look. If your dress has a certain style of embroidery, think of adding an embellishment that complements. Often, considering the fabric of the dress is also useful. Match your DIY embellishment to the color of the fabric and, ideally, the texture as well. If you’re not sure where to find superior quality embellishments, feel free to contact Faraj Beading. 

Choose Embellishments According to the Accessories 

If you have already bought the accessories that you want to pair with the dress, be mindful of the embellishments that you choose. A dress may look gorgeous with the new creative touch to it. However, if it doesn’t match the glamorous pair of earrings you bought, you’ll end up regretting it. On the flip side, if you keep in mind the accessory, you may add in a trim or lace that perfectly helps you achieve your overall desired look.

Smartly Explore Diverse and Colorful Accents 

The best thing about DIY décor is that you get to explore! So far, we have emphasized that you must be careful when choosing the embellishments, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment. A plain white dress can be transformed into a phenomenal one if you add a bright accent that pops. You can choose from a multitude of embellishing techniques such as caviar beading, embroidered trims, nail heads, etc.  

Consider Using Removable Embellishments 

We understand that you will be scared to try risky combinations out in the first go, which is why we suggest that you consider using removable embellishments. Unlike the fixed ones, removable decoration materials can be easily attached and removed based on your choice. A few options are: 

  • Crystal studded waistbands 
  • Ready-made fabric flowers from Faraj Beading
  • Removable bolero 
  • Ornamental brooch 

If you’re still looking for more ways of personalizing your dress, contact Faraj Beading at 973-782-5033 immediately.