5 Unique Patterns to Create with Embroidery

Faraj Beading can help you create a variety of unique patterns with embroidery. We have the tools and technology available to deliver premium quality embroidery design on your choice of fabric. You can select an embroidery pattern and send it to us. 

Our domestic fabric decorating service can help create an embroidery pattern your customers will fall in love with at first sight. If you want, we can add beads, such as rhinestones, pearls, caviar, faceted beads, glitter, and more to your design. But, if you are fresh out of ideas, you will require some major inspiration to help you create unique embroidery patterns. Here is a list of embroidery patterns that will  inspire you:


  • Floral Embroidery 


With floral embroidery designs, you can create a diverse number of floral patterns. You can choose from a plethora of colors to create a flower, tulip, and even a flower garden. A bouquet, featuring your favorite flowers, is also a good choice. Our domestic beading service can add floral embroidery design to the neckline, sleeves, back, side, and to any place on the clothes.


  • Animal Embroidery 


Do you have plans to release a clothing collection for kids? Or do you want to release an animal-themed collection? Whether you are releasing a clothing collection for kids or an animal-themed collection, embroidery makes it possible for you to create animal patterns.

Some animal embroidery designs that you can create include a giraffe sitting with its young in the forest surrounded by flowers and grass; a bunny with wings, holding a heart-shaped balloon; and a squirrel gnawing an acorn. You can even create several different animals, sitting together in the forest. If you have an animal-inspired logo, you can create it on your collection of embroidered clothes. 


  • People Embroidery


You can create an entire person out of embroidery. With people embroidery, you can get as creative as you want to be. Since embroidery allows you to add intricate details to the design, creating a person out of it is a good idea. 

You can create an outline of a person using black and then fill in the center part of the person with color to make the design pop. For instance, an outline of a woman wearing a flower hat with the flower filled in with bright orange embroidery.


  • Nature Embroidery


You create nature-inspired embroidery designs. You can create a tree, giving it features of a woman, a forest with animals, a branch with birds chirped on it, a flowing river, and more. You can even create a lake with fish swimming in it.


  • Special Causes Embroidery


If there is something you feel strongly about, such as an important cause that is close to your heart, you can create embroidery designs related to it. Our domestic fabric decorating service has created embroidery designs for a variety of designs for different causes, such as cancer and mental health awareness.

Do you want to add embroidery to your clothes? If you do, you can send your clothes to Faraj Beading