How to Sew Sequins 101

Sequins on a dress can light you up, if not the entire room. Tucking a few on an uneventful dress can transform it into the perfect wear for a night out with friends or a corporate dinner. When the light hits you, the sequins look nothing less than tiny mirrors reflecting the light all across the room, making you sparkle. 

Sequins are used extensively all around the world. People from all ethnicities and cultures use sequins in their traditional dresses, their fancy dresses, and their day-to-day clothes. Sequins, in the past, were made of tiny pieces of shiny metal, but now, they’re mostly made out of plastic. 

Sequins are small, slightly cupped, circular beads that are used for decorative purposes. Stitched onto dresses, bags, shoes or cushions, sequins give a new life to whatever you pair it with. So it’s probably good to know how to stitch sequins. You never know when you might need to stitch some on a plain dress to turn it into an exciting dress to wear out on your date.



If you plan on learning how to sew sequins, you might as well go and buy supplies. You’ll need:

  • Loose Sequins: This one is quite obvious. However, make sure to choose wisely from the various colors and designs available.
  • Beading Thread: Beading threads are a little different than sewing thread. They are waxier, sharper, and slip through the tiny holes of the sequins easily.
  •  Sewing needle: Choose a needle that’s long and convenient to use.


Gaining popularity in the past year or two, the Mermaid Sequins technique has become very popular. Named so because the arrangement of the sequins make the surface look like the scales on a mermaid’s tail, the mermaid sequins pattern feels very hip and is mesmerizing to look at. 

To create mermaid sequins patterns, you need two-faced sequins. They could either be two different colored faces or not. The density of the sequins gives the fabric dimension and movement. With one caress, the sequins turn around to reveal the other side, giving the effect of ripples on cloth. If you used two-colored sequins, it can give you a whole new colored dress by running a hand over it. 

Excited to try out mermaid sequins? Let’s see how.

The Basics

Loop the thread through the hole in the sequin bead, and push it through the fabric. Pull the thread back up again and place another little sequin close to the first one. Now loop the thread through this one. Keep repeating this thread dance with the sequins placed close together, and in a little while, you’ll be able to see the rows of sequins that you’ve stitched already. If you turn the cloth around, you can see that the stitches look like any regular backstitch. 

Voila, you know how to sequin your clothes now! However, there is a bit more you need to learn before you’re ready to sequin your dresses by yourself, like how to draw and decide the seams. 

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