A Little Glitter Makes Everything Better

Nothing quite excites like glitter! No matter how much you’ve grown, you still gravitate towards glittery, sparkly things; be it handbags, clothes, or shoes. A dash of glitter is all you need to spice up your wardrobe. Whether it is slightly glittery, or entirely, dresses with glitter can make for great cocktail outfits at fun nights out, your best friend’s engagement ceremony, or your graduation party.

Glitter is widely used on clothing for kids, and outfits for women. For a more formal look, you can simply use glitter printing, which give your outfits a more regal and sophisticated look. You can find glitter at Faraj Beading in a variety of colors, ranging from soft pastels to bright shimmery tones.

While the internet is filled with glitter making it to every sort of clothing piece imaginable, it is obvious that the trend of glitter did not die out in the 80s. People still love shopping for glittery apparel and have taken it as far as to have glittery heels, shoes, watches, and makeup. There are glittery swimsuits and lingerie, glittered crop tops, and glittered bodycon dresses, as well as glittered and bejeweled jeans.

How to Preserve Your Glittered Dresses

Commonly appearing in parties, dances, and clubs, glitter gives off the ‘fun’ vibe. However, maintaining a glittered dress is far from anyone’s idea of fun. The glitter from the dress gets everywhere! You’ll find yourself cleaning it out of the carpet, the furniture, and even out of your other items of clothing! Wherever you look, you’ll see little specks of glitter. 

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. Here are some ways that you can ensure that your glitter stays stuck to your dress.

Use Hairspray

Spray a bit of hairspray on your glittered clothes and let them rest for an hour before wearing them. The hairspray seals the glitter on the fabric and prevents it from shedding.  Most brands would suffice, but make sure that you buy one that offers a strong hold. Though it is not a long-term, permanent solution, occasional spraying can keep the dress intact for a long time.

Wash Your Clothes By Hand

Machine washing is too harsh on glittered fabrics and beads. It makes the synthetic glue’s bonds weaker, which results in more shedding. Wash your glittered clothes by hand. It is gentler and will result in much less shedding of glitter. 

Use Fabric Glue

Make a mixture of fabric glue and water and apply it over your glittered dresses. Glitter often rubs off due to friction, and having a protective outer coating will protect the glitter and stop it from falling off.

If you love glitter as much as we do, log on to Faraj Beading, and tell us what you like. Faraj Beading offers a wide variety of embellishment options for women to choose from. From caviar beads to glitter, we’ve got you covered. If you want a glittery dress, or beaded dress, or fancy adornments of any kind, get in touch with us. We will create what you have in mind and deliver it to you.