4 Ways to Start a Rhinestone Studded T-shirt Business

Starting a t-shirt business sounds like a great idea but the reality is that it is not that easy, especially for those who do not know anything about it. Lucky for you, Faraj Beading can help you make your vision of starting a rhinestone studded t-shirt business a reality.

Why Rhinestones Though?

There are lots of benefits of starting a rhinestone studded t-shirt business. Rhinestones are available in various colors and sizes. More than one type of rhinestones exist — flat back hot-fix, glue-on flat back, and sew on. 

You can create a variety of colorful patterns using rhinestones; hence, there is no limit to your creativity. If you want, you can combine other types of beads with rhinestones, but for now, stick to decorating your t-shirts with rhinestones.

Another reason for using rhinestones as your central design element on t-shirts is that they are popular. You will find very few people who would not like rhinestones. More importantly, they never go out of fashion. Now that you know why you should use rhinestones, we can move on to the different ways you can start your rhinestone studded t-shirt business.

4 Ways to Establish Your Own Rhinestone Studded T-shirt Business

Here are a few ways you can launch your own rhinestone studded t-shirt business:


  • Come up with a Business Name and Logo


If you do not have a business name and logo already, you need to come up with it. You can seek inspiration from other brands, but never copy them. Your goal should be to set yourself apart from them, especially your direct competitors. Also, you can ask your close family and friends for suggestions. 


  • Have a Business Plan in Place


Your business plan needs to include your product, your target market, financial projections, and your sales goals. Do not rush during this step but take your time as a business plan is crucial to a successful business startup.


  • Design Your T-shirts and Test Your Design


You need to come up with a series of creative patterns that you can create with rhinestones. Send your designs to our domestic fabric decorating shop. We will add rhinestones to your t-shirts and deliver them to you. 

Test your designs on your target market, given you have performed research on the type of age group that will be keener on buying your t-shirts. Send your t-shirts for free to people in your target market and get their feedback. If they give you positive feedback on your designs, you can move on to the next step.


  • Advertise Your Rhinestone Studded T-shirts


Get on social media and advertise your rhinestone studded t-shirts. Post ads on FB, send a PR package to influencers on social media to review your t-shirts, and promote your t-shirts to your followers through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other effective mediums.

Once you have everything ready and prepared, you can send your t-shirts over to us — Faraj Beading. We will add rhinestones to your t-shirts and deliver them to you on time.