4 Benefits of Using Rhinestones to Create Designs

Make your clothes and accessories sparkle with rhinestones. Rhinestones have been around for centuries, so clothing designers wondering if they should use them or not on their designs should lean towards using them. 

Faraj Beading can provide you with lots of reasons on why you need to use rhinestones to create your fabulous designs. Before we tell you about the various benefits of using them, we thought it would only be right to provide you with an insight on the rise of rhinestones.

The Rise of Rhinestones

Rhinestone, a rock crystal stone, emitting an iridescent effect, was discovered at the Rhine River, the border separating Austria and Germany. In the beginning, rhinestones were expensive due to the demand being high and supply being low. 

When rhinestones were discovered, they did not sparkle or shine. Their shine was man-made. George Frederic Strauss, a French jeweler, coated the base of the rhinestone with a metallic powder in 1775. This was the turning point, as this is when rhinestones really took off.

The metallic powder made it possible for jewelers to provide their customers with an inexpensive alternative to diamond jewelry. However, due to the slow production method, they were still expensive to buy, but that soon changed in 1892.

Daniel Swarovski developed a machine with the ability to cut the stones automatically. In 1955, jewelers began to apply a thin layer of vacuum sputtered metallic coating on the rhinestones to create the iridescent effect. The purpose of the iridescent effect reflects the color that is near it. With time, adding rhinestones to clothes has become an inexpensive way to make designs look more elegant, beautiful, and colorful. 

With the brief history of rhinestones covered, let us move on to telling you about the benefits of using rhinestones to create designs.

4 Benefits of Adding Rhinestones to Your Designs

Here is why you need to add rhinestones to your designs:


  • They Are Inexpensive 


If you want to add sparkle to your clothes, adding rhinestones is an expensive way to do that. On top of that, we offer state-of-the-art and affordable domestic fabric decorating service, so you can save even more money. 


  • Add Extra Shine and Sparkle


It allows clothing designers to add additional sparkle and shine to their designs. If you want your clothes to shine and sparkle even more, adding rhinestones to your designs will achieve that for you.


  • Available in Various Colors


Faraj Beading can provide you with colorful rhinestones. We have a diverse collection of rhinestones, available in various colors, for you to choose from.


  • Create Unique Patterns


You can create unique patterns with rhinestones. Some of the patterns you can create include florals, shapes, abstract, words, symbols, and more. You can combine different colored rhinestones together to create a pattern of your choice.