The Difference between Digital Printing and Screen Printing

Are you confused about whether you should choose digital printing or screen printing for your clothing products? You are not alone. Many people are not aware of the difference between the two. USA Beading can help you make the distinction between the two and help you select the best option for your clothes. 

Your decision to go with either digital printing or screen printing depends on a lot of factors that you will need to take into consideration. Let’s begin by defining digital printing and screen printing. 

Digital Printing

Digital printing involves using complex computing technology. An image is displayed on the screen where it is analyzed and then converted into a different format. This allows our domestic beading service to print the image onto the surface of the material directly.

History of Digital Printing

Digital printing was introduced alongside the first digital printing presses in the early 1990s. Since then, digital printing has advanced and now, you can produce batches of digital prints within a few seconds.

Use of Digital Printing

Digital printing is used for clothes, direct mail, and coupons. In comparison to screen printing, digital printing is a much more complex and detailed process. You can use digital printing with almost anything and you can even personalize it. Our domestic fabric decorating service offers digital printing and we recommend that you use it, as it yields quicker results than screen printing.

Screen Printing

Screen printing involves using a stencil (screen) followed by the application of layers of ink to the printing surface. Since the colors are printed one at a time, a different screen is used each time.

History of Screen Printing

Screen printing dates back to Egypt and later China in 900 A.D. It was in China where they first penetrated ink through a material across frame and emptied warm beeswax into it. However, screen printing did not get popular until the 1880s and began to be used for decorating material.

Use of Screen Printing

Screen printing involves printing an image on a wide range of materials, such as plastic, textiles, and latex. No pressure is needed to print on the surface. This type of printing technique is most often used for clothes, balloons, and wallpaper.

Digital Printing vs. Screen Printing: Price Comparison

The quantity of the prints will influence the type of printing technique you choose. Do not opt for screen printing if you want to produce a small number of prints. Screen printing can be costly. You should choose digital printing if you want to print in bulk. 

Digital printing is inexpensive but being the newest printing technique on the market, it also produces higher quality designs. The cost of digital printing will also depend on the type of domestic beading company you opt for. You do not need to look for one because we offer affordable digital printing services for clothing designers.

USA Beading recommends that you choose digital printing over screen printing because not only is it the latest method, but it also offers you nice, crisp and sharp designs on fabric.