3 Types of Bold Floral Designs You Can Create with Beads and Pearls

Blending in with other clothing designers in the fashion industry is a big fashion faux pas. The entire point is to stand out, right? If you are just doing the exact same thing as they are, you are not really standing out, are you?

But you will ask — “Shouldn’t I follow the design trends?” Yes, you can follow design trends or start a trend of your own. If you want to follow a trending design, you need to do it better than other clothing designers. If you want to start a design trend, do it confidently.

One design trend that comes to mind is the bold floral design created using beads and pearls. 

Let’s Talk About Florals

It is not unusual to see a piece of clothing featuring a floral pattern. But it is how you use, create, and use the floral design that really matters. If you want to create a floral pattern on a skirt for instance, you can, but not with printed fabric, but with beads and pearls.

In fact, if you want to use a printed fabric with florals on it, you can outline the flower or leaf on the dress with beads and pearls. Faraj Beading is confident that you can come up with great floral designs to create on your clothes with pearls and beads, but we still thought to help you out by providing you with some ideas.

3 Types of Bold Floral Designs to Create with Beads and Pearls

Our domestic fabric decorating service can create the following types of bold floral designs with beads and pearls:


  • Lace Blouse with Floral Pattern and Pearl Beading


You can create a delicate and elegant floral pattern on a polyester and cotton material using the laser cut method to create a flower design. In the middle of the flowers, you can add a pearl in the center. Our domestic beading service offers laser cutting, so if you want to create something similar to this, we can do it for you.


  • Boho Style Chiffon Floral Dress with Pearl Beaded Scoop Neckline


You can create an elegant chiffon, boho style floral dress. You can create a floral pattern using pearls, beads, or both to create the scoop neckline. Do not add any floral designs on the dress, but just create it using beads on the scoop neckline, as that part of the dress will be the star.


  • Bohemian Style Jeans with Beaded Floral Pattern


You can create bohemian style jeans, featuring a beaded floral pattern at the bottom of the jeans. You can create the floral pattern using a combination of pearls, rhinestones, and glitters or cracked ice. You can even add embroidery to the jeans and then add beading to it. 

We bet you have more ideas on how you want to create a bold floral design on your clothes with beads and pearls. Faraj Beading has a vast collection of beads, available in all possible colors. If you have a floral design in mind, we would love to see it and create it for you.