Laser Cut Details – Not Just Your for Your Clothes, But Also for Accessories

We have all heard about laser cut clothing, but have you heard about laser cut accessories? Faraj Beading does not only provide its customers with laser cut clothing designs, but we also provide them with designs for laser cut accessories.

Laser Cut Details for Accessories

The laser cut method found popularity in haute couture designs, but gradually evolved into something much bigger. Clothing designers began to use the laser cut method to create intricate patterns and details on fabric such as leather used to create accessories.

Through our domestic fabric decorating service, you can send in your accessories such as bags, purses, wallets, belts, shoes, and much more for laser cutting. Some of the laser cut details we have created on accessories include floral, checkered, zig-zag, shapes, and a lot more. If you have an entirely different pattern in mind, you can let Faraj Beading know and we will create it for you.

We Provide You with Inspiration

If you are unsure on the type of laser cut detail you should choose to create for your accessories, not to worry, Faraj Beading is here to help. We have laser cut designs that we have created in the past for clients on display in our gallery.

You are also free to get in touch with us and we can provide you with a list of possible laser cut designs that you can choose from and create on your accessories. You can also turn to the internet for inspiration. No matter how simple or complex a laser cut design is, we have the technology to create them for you.

Our Advanced and High-tech Laser Cut Technology

Our domestic beading service gives you access to our advanced and high-tech laser cut technology. We only use the most state-of-the-art laser cutting technology to create various details on your chosen fabric. You can trust us to perform an exceptional job.

We have experienced operators who will oversee every step of the laser cut details design process to ensure everything goes without a hitch and you receive your completed accessories with laser cut details on time and without any complaints.

Consider Adding Laser Cut Details to Your Accessories Today

We can laser cut various types of fabrics such as leather, silk, nylon, cotton, neoprene, and polyester. You can create your line of accessories using any one of those materials. If you are still pondering whether you should use the laser cut method or not, don’t anymore. As with it, you will receive accuracy, sealed fabric edges, and clean cuts.

More importantly, your material will not have any marks on it after the completion of the laser cutting process. If you are creating a collection of clothes and accessories paired with them, you can add matching laser cut details to both.

If you are on board with adding laser cut details to your accessories, contact us for more information. If you have any questions on the entire laser cut process, you can ask us.