Add Beautiful, Head Turning Trims to Your Designs

Trim, also known as trimming, is added to clothes and furnishings and includes ribbons, ruffles, gimps, and passementeries. Before we tell you why you should add beautiful and head turning trims to your designs, let us take you back in time.

The History of Trims

Trims have been around since the industrial revolution, but back then, they were placed on clothes by hand. Since they were placed on clothes and furnishings by hand, this increased the value of items. If you owned a dress with a trim, you must have been from a wealthy background.

However, that is not true nowadays. You will find trims on several types of clothes, from skirts, dresses, shirts, and more. When the industrial revolution began, we were introduced to sewing machines and machine woven trims.

In fact, the Victorian era was all about trims. Renowned fashion designers of the era added trims to their clothes to enhance its design and make it stand out. One iconic example of trims in high fashion include the Chanel suit with its braid and gold button trim.

Trims are still in fashion. They have not left the fashion industry, and you will still several fashion designers using them on their clothes.

Why Use Trims on Your Clothes in the First Place?

Faraj Beading encourages you to use trims on your clothes, as they make your designs look more attractive. But using trims does not mean that you just add them here and there on your clothes just for the sake of it, as there is a technique to it.

Only add a trim if it makes sense and in appropriate places on the dress. Lucky for you, there are a wide range of trims available in different types of colors and designs. You can always find a trim that fits your vision for your design and our domestic fabric decorating service can help you put it on there.

How Do You Know that This is the Right Trim for Your Designs?

You will select a trim based on the style of your clothes. For instance, you decided to go with a Peter Pan collar. With it, you can add lace. If you are going with a short dress, you can add a trim at its border. You can even add a trim in a contrasting color to the color of your fabric such as on the edges of the sleeves and around necklines. Most importantly, do not use two different types of trims on your clothes, but stick to using one type of trim.

Once You Have Chosen the Type of Trim You Want to Add to Your Garment, Visit Us

If you have a type of trim that you want to add to your designs, our domestic fabric decorating service can place them for you on different parts of your clothes. You do not want to send your clothes to a garment decorating service abroad, as it will not only cost you more, but may even cause an unnecessary delay in you receiving them in time.

Faraj Beading can provide you with various trim designs to choose from. Once you have made your choice, we can place them on your clothes and deliver them to you in a timely manner.