How Faux Leather Laser Cut Appliques Add Texture to Your Clothes

Combine faux leather laser cut appliques with your faceted beads to add texture to your clothes. If you are in the process of designing a new clothing line, the faux leather laser cut applique technique will help you create more polished and textured designs on your clothes.

Faux Leather Laser Cut Appliques

Synthetic or faux leather has become one of the most excellent fabrics to use for laser cut appliques or engravings. When used on leather, it creates a debossed, elegant, and upscale appearance. Faraj Beading will tell you to use faux leather cut appliques due to how durable and flexible it is.

Our domestic fabric decorating service uses high-tech laser cutting technology on a variety of fabrics, including leather, to create stunning textured designs.

The Benefits of Using Laser Cut Appliques

Laser cut appliques have become one of the most requested laser cutting  services that we provide designers who come to us with their designs. The reason for this is simple — laser cutting allows us to create intricate cuts on several types of materials. Additionally, it offers increased precision and control in engraving the designs in the clothes.

It allows us to create flawless seared edges to prevent the material from coming apart. Our state-of-the-art technology, which increases speed and results in a higher cutter output, combined with an automated and digitally controlled laser cutting device, enables us to create very small cut width and detailed, accurate designs.

Fleece, denim, felt, nylon, polyester, and genuine leather are other types of fabrics that you can use to create your clothing line, featuring faux leather laser cut appliques. Out of all these materials the most common one used for laser cutting is polyester and nylon is a microfiber.

Microfiber, made from either nylon and polyester or the combination of the two, is an ideal fabric for laser cutting. If your clothing collection is a mix of all type of different fabrics such as microfiber and leather, you can use laser cut appliques to create impressive textures and patterns on them.

Send Us Your Designs Today

If laser cutting appliques is a technique you are considering, you should send your designs to Faraj Beading, a New Jersey based domestic fabric decorating service. We can provide you with more information on our popular laser cutting technique and even provide you with a look at our previous work on creating faux leather laser cut appliques.

If you want a timely turnaround time, we are your best choice, as international beading and decorating services can take long. If you are searching for a reliable company to collaborate for both present and future projects, you can shake hands with Faraj Beading.

You do not want to send your clothes to a company without any experience in using laser cut appliques on leather and other types of fabrics, as you do not want to take a risk because you could be on a time-sensitive deadline to get your clothing line to the stores. Get in touch with Faraj Beading today for a professional design experience.