Beautify Sleeves with Sequins, Caviar or Faceted Beads

The sky’s the limit — when it comes to beautifying clothes, especially sleeves, you have a plethora of choices in front of you. You can choose between glitter or sequins, caviar beads, and faceted beads. If you want, you can combine different beads together to create a stunning pattern.  Let’s learn more about sequins, caviar, and faceted beads.

What Are Sequins?

Sequins add sparkle, thus making them a popular choice among clothing designers. Clothing designers use sequins, made of either metal and plastic with the latter being used the most often, to give their designs a more elegant and sophisticated look.

You can let our domestic fabric decorating service know beforehand where you want us to add the sequins. We can add the sequins on the front of the fabric or you can add them at a specific point, thus providing it with a decorative edging effect.

However, you can be more elaborate with your designs, by creating an entire border with them. Have you seen Indian dresses? You can go for something like that. They really go wild with sequins, filling almost the entire dress with them.

What Are Caviar Beads?

Caviar beads are small round beads, made of plastic. You get the option to choose from a wide range of sizes and colors. With caviar beads, you can create an assortment of designs and patterns, such as floral, butterfly, hearts, retro designs, and more.

USA Beading can show you the different colors and sizes of caviar beads, which we have available for you to choose from to place on your designs. We have access to state-of-the-art technology to adhere caviar beads to the material.

What Are Faceted Beads?

Faceted beads are another type of beads that you can use to decorate your clothes, especially sleeves. They have several flattened edges made in such a manner that they appear to take the shape of a cut gemstone.

They are available in several colors and sizes. You can use more than one color of faceted beads to create a design on the sleeves. You can even add them to other parts of the clothes.

Can You Use All Three Beads Together?

Yes, you can if you want to, that is. If you have a vision in mind of a particular design that you want to create on the sleeves of a dress or shirt you have designed, you can. If you need assistance in deciding between the three, USA Beading would be more than happy to help.

Just a Call Away

If you have any questions for us, you can get in touch with us. We would love to tell you more about our domestic beading service. Because we are a local company situated in New Jersey, you will not have to worry about experiencing any errors in miscommunication or delay in delivery. We will make your clothes look extra special by decorating the sleeves with the beads of your choice, glitter or sequins, caviar or faceted beads.