Sequins by Hand Can Enhance Your Embroidered Designs

Your embroidered cut designs can use glitz and glamour, and USA Beading can help you add it. We can add sequins to your embroidered designs. We add the shine to your design! Before our domestic fabric decorating service can do its part, we need you to do your part.

Doing Your Part

We need you to select the right fabric and pattern for us to cut and then add sequins by hand. Adding sequins by hand has its own magic. It allows us to add an  amazing sparkle to the patterns with great precision. It is a tedious process that yields great results.

Once you have selected the fabric, you can send it to our team of sequin experts who will add  the sequins onto the fabric. You will have to tell us the type of pattern you want us to create, the color of sequins to use, and where on the fabric you want us to create it.

The Process of Adding Sequins to Your Embroidered or printed Designs

The process of adding sequins includes:

  • heat sealed  sequins
  • adhesive sequins of your choice
  • machine sequins

Can you do it yourself? Yes, you can, but why would you want to? If you were adding sequins to one piece of embroidered, printed or beaded  clothes, and not the entire collection, we’d tell you to go for it. If you want to add sequins by hand to an entire clothing line, doing it yourself will definitely delay its launch.

Since you are not an expert, it can take you ages to add each and every sequin to your embroidered designs. This is why we tell you to leave adding sequins by hand to the experts.

Let Our Experts Take Care of It

You can opt for our domestic beading service if you want to decorate your entire clothes with sparkly sequins or beads. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and even mix and match two or more colors to create a spectacular design. If you are unsure on the type of pattern you should create with sequins, you can turn to us for inspiration or perform a quick search online to find several patterns. After you have found your patterns, our sequin experts can get to work, adding sequins by hand.

We Hope to Hear from You Soon

If you are creating a clothing line that will feature sequins, you can bring them to us. USA Beading, a domestic fabric decorating service, has the resources to create wonderful patterns with sequins. We can ensure you receive your order way before the deadline.

If you outsourced this service, it would take you longer.  But with us, you can have it within a week or two or even less depending on the number of clothes you want us to add beads and sequins to.  Contact us for more information.