5 Popular Lattice Pattern with Beads Trends

A lattice pattern is a criss-crossed design interlacing lines to create a geometric design. If you’re unable to recall it, picture a pie, pastries, or fences in your head — all of which display this incredible design. However, designers have now started to create a lattice pattern using beads. You will see a beautiful lattice patterns with beads on shorts, dresses, pantsuits, shirts, etc.

USA Beading has helped clothing designers make their vision a reality by creating various lattice designs with beads on their clothes. If you’re interested in creating a lattice pattern using beads on your clothes, but are in need of some serious inspiration, we’ve got you!

Here are a few of the popular lattice pattern with beads trends that stand out:


  • Lattice Pattern with Beads on Gauze Blouse


You can design a vintage gauze blouse using satin fabric and polyester material. You can create a solid pattern using a solid color such as white or black. The lattice pattern you will create is a hollowed-out embroidery hook, featuring an O-neck collar. You will use sequins to create the lattice pattern. For the white gauze blouse, use silver beads. For the black gauze blouse, use golden beads.


  • Lattice Check Pattern on a Dress


If you want to create a stunning lattice check pattern on a dress, you can create it by adding metallic gold beads. You can also use the metallic gold beads to create a beautiful and delicate floral pattern. We offer our domestic beading service just for this purpose to ensure your designs look spectacular. Use a nude fabric combined with tulle fabric so the beads look visible. You can feature this pattern on a short dress, evening wear, top, skirt, and bustier.


  • Lattice Red Beaded Pattern on a Shrug


Our domestic fabric decorating service can help you design a beautiful lattice red beaded pattern on a shrug. On a see-through red fringe fabric, you can create a lattice pattern, featuring red, shiny beads. To make it even more stylish, you can create loop fringes using red beads at the bottom.


  • Lattice Pattern on a Mini Skirt


You can design a lattice pattern on a black mini skirt using gold beads, placed in a crisscross design. You can use any bead color to create a lattice pattern. The beads should complement the color of the mini skirt. Make the lattice pattern on the skirt bold, meaning create it using two to three lines of beads, placed close together.


  • Lattice Beaded Pattern on a Flapper Dress


You can design a flapper dress using a beaded lattice pattern and décor fringe at the bottom. Design the pattern on a polyester and nylon material and sheer beaded mesh with a zipper on the side. The flapper dress will feature no sleeves and a V-neck neckline. You can add a beige knit lining to it.

Are you inspired? If you are, send us your designs so we can create fabulous lattice pattern designs on your clothes.