The Exotic Animal Prints You Can Create with Beads

Do you want to create an exotic animal print on your dress with beads? If you do, you can do that by using your choice of beads and the colors you want.

Animal prints have been in style for several years. If you look back in history, you would find a royal wearing animal print clothes or using animal print rugs.

In the United States, animal prints rose to popularity during the Bohemian movement in the late 1960s. In short, they will never go out of trend. If you want to experiment using animal prints, be our guest. The results will not let you down – and we won’t let you down either!  Faraj Beading can create these designs for you.

Our domestic fabric decorating service can create a wide range of patterns for you. Here are some exotic animal prints you can create with beads:


  • Cheetah Print Dress with Heavy Beading


Cheetah pattern is one of the most widely recognized animal prints. If you want to make the cheetah pattern even more recognizable, you can use sparkly and shiny black and yellow beads, adding them on to a black fabric. At the bottom, you can add a fringe. Go wild with covering the entire dress with beads and sequins to make the dress roar like a cheetah.


  • Leopard Print Blouse with Black Beading


Leopard print is another common design that you see on most fashion products. If you want to design this pattern, you can use black beads, which you will place throughout the blouse to give it personality. Use acetate material and broadcloth fabric. The blouse can feature full sleeves with an O-neck collar. From the back, you can add buttons to close it.


  • Zebra Print Kimono Tunic Top


Zebra print kimono tunic tops feature an embellished beaded neckline. You can use polyester material with viscose lycra lining. You do not have to stick with the basic black and white zebra print pattern either, but you can play around with colors.

If you want to add beads to other areas of the tunic, you can. You can go heavy with the beading or light, it is up to you. Once you have decided on the type of beading you want us to add to your design, we start to prepare and deliver you your order.

Whatever animal print you choose, you can use beads to create it. You can use various colors to create these animal prints and if you want, you can solely use beads to create them. You can create animal prints on your dress, skirt, shirt, and whatever type of design you are going for.

You can contact Faraj Beading and ask us about our domestic beading decorating service. We can provide you with several different options to choose from. With us, you will have access to many beads. Our patented beading technique ensures your designs look great.