The Ever-Increasing Popularity of Beading and Embroidery

The world of fashion has been buzzing about beading and embroidery for a long time. But does anyone know the history of beading and embroidery and why after all these years, they are still on everyone’s mind as well as every clothing designer’s clothes?

If you don’t know the answer to what we asked, it’s okay because you’ll know now. Faraj Beading loves playing the role of an educator when it comes to informing budding designers about the latest domestic beading techniques. Even though beading and embroidery are not new techniques, they are still very much on trend today.

Would You Like to Know More about the Popularity of Beading and Embroidery?

If you said yes, let’s take you back in time. When beading and embroidery first rose to popularity, they were labor-intensive techniques to decorate clothes. Beading and embroidery became a hit thousands of years ago. You would find them on ceremonial clothes and robes throughout Europe, as researchers discovered on archeological sites.

Researchers also found the use of beading and embroidery in Africa. Their search of archeological sites in Africa uncovered shells used as beads on clothes. The shells dated back to more than 72,000 years ago. They used shells on clothes and to create accessories for decorative purposes. However, Europeans and Africans were not the only ones to use beading and embroidery, but Native American used it too.

The Impressive Work of Native Americans with Beading and Embroidery

If you ever get the chance to visit a museum dedicated to the work of Native Americans, you can see their amazing creations, which they created using beading and embroidery. Since every piece of beading and embroidery was done by hand, the precision with which it was done is out of this world. If you look at the world of fashion, beading and embroidery have become a staples in it. You will see several clothes on the runaway flaunting beading and embroidery designs.

The Exotic Bead and Embroidery Designs

If you have an imagination, you have an amazing bead and embroidery design before you. You can add beading and embroidery on suede, leather, and any type of material. You can come up with lots of different patterns such as flowers, shapes, and even animals and people. In fact, you can create almost any design using beading and embroidery.

And you don’t have to do it alone! If you have come up with a design, there’s no need to sit down and start to create it. Also, do not send your design for beading and embroidery to China or any other country when you can have them done and delivered to you on time in New Jersey.

Faraj Beading offers a domestic beading service. Why take the risk of sending your clothes to another country when you can reduce the risk and get the same, if not better bead and embroidery work done right here in New Jersey? Contact us if you want to add beading and embroidery to your designs.