The Power of Eye-catching Embellishments

Have you ever looked at your design and said to yourself, “I like it, but something’s missing!” If you have, you also know that you can never pinpoint what’s missing from the design. Perhaps, Faraj Beading can help. From our experience, we find adding a hint of beads is just what your designs need to have that pop and flair about them. Our domestic fabric decorating service can provide you with a vast selection of eye-catching embellishments to add to your designs.

Eye-catching Embellishments that Sparkle and Dance Under the Light

Eye-catching embellishments have the power to make your designs the talk of the town. When your customers wear one of your dazzling designs, they will feel on top of the world, and from afar, their clothes will catch people’s attention. Let’s put it this way — their clothes will walk in first and they will walk in after. That is what you call the power of embellishments.


  • Use Embellishments to Draw Attention to a Certain Part of the Clothes


You have created a beautiful design, but you want to emphasize one part of the design. For instance, you want to emphasize the pockets of the shirts. You can add embellishments on the pocket to highlight it. When the embellishments sparkle, people’s gaze will automatically go to the pockets. If you have designed a part of the clothes a little differently and want you to make it noticeable, using embellishments will do the trick.


  • Use Embellishments to Strike the Perfect Balance between Conventional and Unconventional Design


These days, people want something different and unique. They want a clothing designer who brings them out of the box designs. Even though you can come up with a completely unique design, you still want to provide your target market with a touch of familiarity.

In short, you want to offer them a clothing design that strikes the perfect balance between conventional and unconventional. By adding eye-catching embellishments to your out of this world design, you are doing just that. You are striking the perfect balance between conventional and unconventional design.


  • Use Embellishments to Target Fans of Sparkle, Glitter, and Pop


You need to use embellishments to target fans of sparkle, glitter, and pop. You can use embellishments in moderation so you can attract both types of target markets — the embellishment fans and non-embellishment fans. You can add clothes with embellishments into the mix as well.

Embellishments Give You Room to Experiment

If you have yet to add embellishments to your clothes, add them and see them transform before you. You can add embellishments to your clothes in several different ways. You can sketch a few patterns using embellishments and choose the one you like best.

Once chosen, let Faraj Beading know. We will add embellishments to your clothes in your chosen pattern. We offer clothing designers a domestic fabric decorating service that helps them get their designs to retail fast.  Since we are based in New Jersey, you can expect a quick turnaround time.