How to Pearl Up Your Clothes – Inspiring Patterns

Can pearls take your clothes to new heights? Can pearls make you stand apart from the crowd? Of course, they can! The thing about pearls is whether they are on your neck, hands, feet, purse, or your clothes, they make you look extra elegant. However, when we talk about pearls, we mean to say clothes. Pearls and clothes is a combination that will never get old!

If you are thinking of adding pearls to your clothes, you first have to come up with a pattern or how else will Faraj Beading know where and how to place them on the clothes you design. What we have done to help you speed up the process is to provide you with a list of inspiring patterns. Here are a few of the truly inspirational patterns created with pearls:


  • Add Pearls on the Neckline


Since pearls are available in a variety of different colors, you can add pearls on the neckline. Start from one shoulder to the other shoulder. You can use two or three different colors to make this pattern, making sure that they are all of different sizes. You can add a cluster of pearls on the shoulders, narrowing the pattern down from the middle.


  • Add Pearls on the Torso


You can add pearls on the torso of your dress. You can make a diamond pattern, emerging from the top and pointed towards the end. If you want to create an elegant dress, use white pearls, but if you want to go big, bold, and daring, go for colored pearls. We can provide you with a range of color choices to choose from. If you are interested in creating a unique pattern using pearls, reach out to our domestic fabric decorating service, and we will get the job done.


  • Add Pearls on the Collar


Another good idea is to add white pearls on a shirt with black collars. The white pearls will stand out like a lightbulb. If you have created the same shirt in different colors, you can add colors that contrast with the shirt’s color, but in a good way. When you are adding pearls on the collar, make sure to space them out. If you are sending your clothes to our domestic beading service, you can trust us to space them out and design the pattern exactly the way you envisioned it to look like.


  • Add Pearls on the Sleeves


If you want to add pearls, but keep things sophisticated, you can decorate the ends of the sleeves with pearls. You can place pearls in a straight line, zig zag, top and bottom of the sleeve with space in the middle, and even combine pearls with another embellishment of your choice. Don’t worry, when it comes to embellishments, we have a stock full of them. Faraj Beading has several types of embellishments that you can choose from to pair with your pearls.

Whether you are a clothing designer or a garment manufacturer, for all your embellishment purposes, only one name should come to mind — Faraj Beading!  Get in touch with us today if you want to pearl up your clothes.