Domestic Beading and Rhinestones – Making Your Clothes Sparkle with Rhinestones and Beads

For years, designers and garment manufacturers have used rhinestones and beads on the neckline, center, and sleeves of clothing. In fact, rhinestones and beads have been to create a variety of different patterns such as flowers. One of the main reasons why you still see designers and garment manufacturers use them for fabric decoration is due to its ability to add that extra bit of glitz and glamour to any piece of clothing.

What Are Rhinestones and Beads?

Lead crystal, glass, and acrylic are three types of rhinestones that garment manufacturers have the option of using. Out of the three, designers use lead crystal the most. The difference between these three decorating jewels is in their light refraction properties, which is determined by  the quality and cut of the glass.

When light hits the glass, it reflects back off the surface. The clearer the glass, the more light it reflects. Lead crystal rhinestones reflect light better than glass rhinestones, mainly because they are machine cut.

Even though designers and garment manufacturers can opt between machine cut or molded rhinestones, machine cut still remains the better option of the two.

Why Should You Choose Machine Cut Over Molded Rhinestones for Fabric Decorating?

Machine cut rhinestones are more vivid and clearer than molded rhinestones. With machine cut, each cut breaks light into a different fragment, so more light is transmitted. The more cuts a rhinestone has, the higher its glimmer value.

If you are a designer or garment manufacturer, you can specify your requirements for the type of rhinestones you want to add to your designs. The domestic fabric company will ask you to choose between Swarovski, Preciosa, or acrylic rhinestones. Swarovski is probably the most popular option.

Once you have chosen the type of rhinestone you want to add to your designs, selecting its shape comes next.

The Different Shapes You Can Choose From

Rhinestones come in the following shapes: baguette, pear, round, oval, navette, and square.

At this point, you have enough information about what rhinestones are, but there is a question we have left unanswered —where can you find a reliable domestic beading and rhinestone company?

You do not have to look far, as we are right here. We are a New Jersey based USA fabric decorator company. Sending your designs to us for fabric decorations will save you time and money without compromising on the quality.

Where to Find a USA Fabric Decorator?

We have been in business for three generations and have a patented beading method that allows garment manufacturers and designers based in the United States to perfect and enhance the design of their clothes by adding beads and rhinestones.

We take pride in offering you patented beading and rhinestone techniques, made in the USA, that help you add unique touches to your clothes. Our domestic fabric decorating methods and prices are competitive with China, and we offer a fast response and quick turnaround time for both samples and production.