How Can You Keep Your Promise To Release Your Clothing Line on Time?

Releasing your clothing line on time is essential. When you announce the release date of your clothing line, you’ve got to keep your promise, and not end up delaying it. You will say that it is not in your hands. Setbacks happen, and we believe they do, but you need to come up with solutions to ensure they do not occur. One of the biggest delays you face is when you do not receive your clothes on time from the manufacturer you have given it to for beading and embellishments.

How Can You Avoid Facing the Problem of Manufacturers Sending Your Completed Designs?

Stop sending your clothes to manufacturers in other countries, such as China. When you send your clothes to another country for beading and embellishments, there is a risk of not receiving your completed designs on time, causing you to push your date further. If your fans are anxiously waiting to see your clothes in stores on the date you specified, and you have to break the news to them to wait a little longer, they will be disappointed.

What If Pushing the Date Further Becomes a Recurring Habit?

If your manufacturer, based in another country, repeatedly delays sending your clothes to you on time, your customers will lose trust in your brand. They will say that you do not keep your word. This will impact your brand negatively and will decrease your reputation in the market.

You can give your manufacturer a stern warning that you will go to another manufacturer if this keeps happening, but if you choose another manufacturer in the same country, the risk will still be there, and you want to work towards eliminating it.

How Do You Eliminate the Risk of Receiving Your Clothing Line Late?

Instead of taking your business to an international manufacturer, you take your business to a local manufacturer. You bring your business to us — Faraj Beading. Based in New Jersey, we have not only mastered the beading and embellishment technique, but we have also kept our promise of providing you beautifully decorated and embellished clothes on time.

We have always kept and are intent on keeping our promise to provide you with clothes on time. Our on-time delivery is just the icing on the cake. We provide clothing designers with an affordable and patented domestic fabric decorating service. Our domestic beading and embellishment service will not let you down. We have perfected our method to present you with quality work every time.

By sending your clothes for beading and embellishments to Faraj Beading, you save time and money with the best part being that you get to keep your promise to your fans. If you need to release your clothing line by a certain date and you want to ensure your clothes reach retail stores on the committed date, send your clothes to us.