The Importance of Adding Bling to Draw People’s Attention to Your Clothes

Do you want to make your clothing designs stand out? If you want to do something really special this time around with your clothing line, why not incorporate beading, rhinestones, pearls, caviar, and trims to your designs?

For designers their clothing line is an extension of their personality. If you are a clothing designer, here are a few reasons why you need to add bling to your clothes to grab people’s attention:


  • You Get a Lot of Freedom to Mix and Match


When you are adding beads to your clothes, you are not restricted to adding just one type of beads. No, you can mix and match and play around with different types of beads. Faraj Beading provides you with an extensive range of beads you can choose from to add to your clothes.

If you are thinking of combining pearls with rhinestones, go ahead. Do not hold back and use our Custom Tee Couture, an exclusive and impressive iDesign program, to create bespoke designs such as tee shirts, dresses, and other types of garments by placing different types of beading, studs, rhinestones on it to see which combination you like the best.


  • Create Wonderful Patterns


When you go to a store, the pattern on the garment stands out. The pattern or saying on the garment catches your attention, and this is exactly what you need to replicate with your clothing designs. You can create a saying or write your brand’s name on the garment using beads.

You can even add your brand’s logo to your designs using beads. If you want people to remember your brand’s name and recall your name by looking at your logo, you need to ensure it catches their attention, and using sparkling beads to do so will do just that.


  • Your Clothing Designs Will Never Look Dull and Boring


Most garments that you see these days are missing the “IT” factor. They all look the same. Nothing is special about them. You need to strive to make your clothing line as different as possible from your competitors. You can differentiate your clothing line by adding some bling to them.

Now, you do not have to go wild with the bling, unless it makes sense, that is, what you can do instead is to go with a subtle approach. You can add beading here and there. In short, add them in places where it makes sense. Do not throw them on to the fabric, as that would be chaotic and unattractive.

What Do You Say – Give Beading a Try?

To makes things easier for you, Faraj Beading provides a domestic fabric decorating service to clothing designers striving to make a name for themselves in their locality. If you need to bling up your clothes in bulk, we are your go-to local domestic beading company based in New Jersey.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions.