Designers: Tell Your Fans How to Wash Clothes with Sequins and Beads

With Faraj Beading’s main clients being clothing designers and with us offering them a domestic fabric decorating service of placing sequins and beads on their designs, we saw it only fitting to inform our clients about telling their fans on how to wash their sequined and beaded clothes.

Without further ado, learn what clothing designers, designing clothes with sequins, beads, and other sparkly embellishments, need to inform their fans about washing them.

Caring for Washable Clothes with Beads and Sequins

To care for washable clothes adorned with beads and sequins, you need to hand wash them. However, you do not want to wash them too often, as that will cause the beads and sequins to become dull or loose.

If the embellished design has a stain, you can try spot cleaning the stain before you put it in the wash. For non-oily stains or dirt, combine one teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent with one cup of cold water, and stir to mix. Next, use a cotton swab and dib it into the solution to eliminate the stain. You need to clean in between the sequins and beads to clean the fabric and remove the stain on the surface.

As you are removing the stain from the embellished design, use a clean paper towel or white cloth to blot the stain continuously, so it transfers from the fabric to it. For oil-based stains, you need to clean them with a dry cleaning solvent. Use a cotton swab and repeat the same steps as you did for cleaning the non-oily stain.

What Should You Do to Clean the Clothes Overall?

For overall cleaning, you will add instructions to the garment and ask your fans to follow that. Most clothing designers will ask their fans to dry clean the garment only whereas for washable fabric, you can tell them to wash it at home. If you have added beads and sequins to the clothes, instruct your fans to wash the garments by hand, not by washing machine, as that can damage the embellishments.

Most importantly, tell your fans to air dry them only. If they need to iron their clothes, they should press on the wrong side of the embellished fabric and place a pressing cloth on the garment. You should also tell them to use the lowest setting on the iron. You should recommend the use of a clothes steamer instead of an iron to remove creases and wrinkles from their clothes.

Before you can do all of that, you need to get beads and sequins on your designs first. Faraj Beading can help you with that. You can ask us about our domestic fabric decorating service where we will add your choice of beading on your garments.