5 Cons of Sending Your Garments for Embroidery to China

Why should designers send their garments to manufacturers in New Jersey, not China?

You are probably familiar with designers within your social circle that send their products to be embroidered to China. This might sound appealing, since all of us know how Chinese services providers offer low cost solutions and a range of other benefits. The truth is, in fact, far different from this.

The following is a list of cons on why sending your clothes to an international manufacturer is a bad choice:

1. The Hassle of Finding a Garment Manufacturer

Try finding a garment manufacturer in China, and trust us, it won’t be easy. Of course, eventually you will find one, but why go through all that hassle of finding a factory in China when there’s one right here in the United States — Faraj Beading.

2. The Frustrating Language Barrier

Even though you will find garment manufacturers who speak English, you will still face times when getting your message across becomes a challenge of its own. You will have to deduce what they are saying at times, and most often, you will.

Even if you overlook the language barrier, there’s an issue you will have to face. The Chinese are literal people, meaning they are precise with their speech and will tend to take every word you say very seriously. Therefore, choose your words carefully.

If miscommunication occurs, as there is a chance it may at some point, it can affect your order. Going with a domestic fabric decorating company minimizes the chances of miscommunication.

3. The Stigma Surrounding China Manufactured Products

Even though people hold a lower opinion of products manufactured in China, they are still ready to pay less for something manufactured in China. Naturally, clothes manufactured in China will garner negative feedback from people such as saying they are of low quality.

Instead, you can play it safe and still send your garments for embroidery at a US domestic fabric decorating company.

4. Increased Minimums May Force You to Switch Eventually

Garment manufacturers in China charge higher minimums than other countries that it may become difficult for designers to sustain their business. The better option here is to give your garments to a US garment manufacturing factory. Since it is local, it will cost less as well, and you will not have to worry about higher minimums, thus allowing you to sustain your business.

5. Increased Shipping Costs Combine with Longer Delivery Duration

You are shipping your garments to a Chinese manufacturing factory and then they are sending your embroidered and embellished clothes back to you. You also have to wait at least a month or more to get your clothes returned to you.

If you opt for Faraj Beading, you will not only save money with us, but will also get your clothes delivered to you quickly.